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Side Effects of Benadryl Over Dogs

Benadryl is the antihistamine that is used for the dogs for relieving symptoms associated with hay fever, allergy, common cold etc. The symptoms of these diseases include rash, watery eyes, itchy nose, eyes, throat, itching, runny nose, cough, sneezing which can be treated well with this medication. There are possibilities for the dogs to get rid of these symptoms easily when they are in take this medication. It is important for the owners to make sure that the dogs are given only adequate dosage for the various issues else it can be much hard. There are chances for the dogs to undergo various side effects if higher dosage of the medication is consumed by the dogs. This is even used in the form of a medication that can provide relief for the digs that are suffering from insomnia. There are various things that should be taken care so that this medication does not cause many side effects in the dogs. There are certain situations in which the dogs should be given this medication for them to get better way of getting the various things that can be helpful for the individuals to get rid of their condition.


It is good for the dig owners to consider the vet before they are giving this drug to their dogs. There are chances for certain dogs to be allergic towards these drugs which can make their condition much worst. If the dig has got any issues in kidney or some serious ailments before, then there are chances for the intake of this medication to cause some serious side effects which can even be life threatening. It is important for the individuals to make their dig go through proper examination so that they can ensure the dog to be provided with the medication in the right amount. If the drug is not suitable for the dogs then there are chances for the vet to make you avoid the usage of it.


The intake of this particular drug can make the dogs go through the condition of sedation. There are chances for the individuals to go through the various conditions. The sedation is the serious issue that is caused by the drug. Dogs can look much dizzy and they make have hallucination. The effect of sedation can make the dogs go through very difficult condition. There are so many individuals who feel that their dogs stopped being active with the intake of these drug. There are chances for the individuals to go through particular kind of issues that can make them go through the various ailments.

Dry Mouth

There are chances for the individuals to go through the issues of dry mouth sue to the consumption of this particular drug. Digs may find it hard to consume food and they may even feel tastelessness. There are chances for them to have the feeling to drink water frequently with the consumption of this drug. These kinds of symptoms can be more in the case when the digs are consuming much amount of drug than the required Benadryl dosage for dogs. There are chances for the dogs to go through worst condition due to the intake of this medication. It is necessary for the individuals to make sure that their dog is not going through these side effects for a longer time period. If so it is better for them to take the dog to vet so that he can figure out what is the real issue associated with the particular dog. If the vet any issues or allergies for the dog then the drug consumption is stopped for the dog else it can be life threatening.

Retaining Urine

There are some dogs that go through the issue of retaining urine. Some of the digs find it really hard to urinate with the consumption of this particular drug. Benadryl can make the dog retain urine which can gradually make the health of the dog to get deteriorated. It is essential for the individuals to make sure that the dog is not going through this condition for a prolonged time else it can lead to the death of your dog. Make your vet examine your dog if it is going through such a condition for longer time.

Top 5 Tips About Dog Care for Older Dogs

When you have older dogs, you should take a good care of them. There are some useful tips about dog care for older dogs. These tips are very useful for all dog owners these days. You should be able to maintain their health effectively by following these useful tips. You should understand that they also need proper care, so they can enjoy their life without suffering from any problems. Here are some useful tips that can help you maintain the health of your older dogs effectively. Many veterinarians also recommend some of these tips for any dog owners.

dog care older dogs

1. Motivate them to do some exercises

This is the first tip that you can follow, so you can make your older dogs health. They should do some exercises regularly, for example walking, running, jumping, and some other exercises. These workouts can help them improve their overall health effectively. Exercise can also make your dogs feel comfortable with themselves.

2. Maintain their weights

If you want to take care of your older dogs, you should take a look at this simple tip. It is important that you maintain their ideal weights. Obesity problem can cause a lot of health issues in most older dogs these days. This problem can affect the overall health negatively. You can also discuss with a professional veterinarian to talk about weight loss programs for your older dogs.

3. Have regular check ups

This is another important thing for your older dogs. They should have regular check ups for checking their conditions. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, most senior dogs should see vets once in every six months. Regular check ups are very important to find some possible health problems. Professional veterinarians are able to treat any health problems completely when they are identified as early as possible.

4. Check their teeth

Many senior dogs have problems with their teeth. Some of them have holes on their teeth. These holes can be very painful for them. It is recommended that you bring your senior dogs to your favorite veterinarian. Regular dental care is very important for most senior dogs these days.

5. Give nutritious foods

If you want to make your older dogs healthy, you should give nutritious foods to them. There are some high quality dog foods that are available today. You can compare some available products, so you can select the right one for yourself. You also need to check the packaging of these dog foods. Your dogs should consume healthy and nutritious foods for improving their overall health.

They are some recommended tips that you can follow, so you can take care of your senior dogs easily. You should make them feel comfortable with their life, so you can improve their life quality. It is not a difficult thing to make your senior dogs feel happy in your house. Don’t forget to meet your favorite veterinarians. There are some vets who are ready to help you take care of your older dogs easily. These vets can give some recommendations or advice about your senior dogs.